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Cloud Hosting with the Best Features

Simply the Best e-Learning Platform

Surprise your students with Moodle’s powerful tools.


You can include your logo, your colors, change templates, according to the needs of your organization.

In Your Language

We deliver the platform in the language you need, there are 100 languages available.

SSL Certificate Included

The platform includes HTTPS for greater security for your users.

No Limitations

Unlimited visits, unlimited users, unlimited teachers, and unlimited courses.

Secure Attendance

Guaranteed Concurrency according to the Plan your Institution needs.

Cloud Platform

Moodle Ready accessible from anywhere and on any device

Scalable Plans

Upgrade your plan when you need to. You can also take more space for files.

Free Integrations

Customize your Platform with Templates and Plugins, such as H5P, BigBlueButton, Zoom, etc.

Free Migration

Your current provider is not up to the task? Migrate with us today! we support you from scratch.

24/7 Support

We support you at all times, Specialized Support when you need it.

30 days guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

Start Delivering Courses Today

with Moodle as a Virtual Platform your e-Learning Business is Guaranteed

We offer Optimized Moodle to Clients ranging from Private Teachers, Academies, Institutes and Colleges to Large Higher Education Companies.

Hundreds of Organizations Trust Us


What Panel do I get when I sign up?

We give you the Moodle Platform installed with all its functions and access to the Moodle Administrator Panel, without restrictions.

With these accesses you can start creating your courses, teachers, enrolling students, etc.

From which web address do teachers and students log in?

From your own domain!

If your institution currently has a domain and hosting provider, you must provide us with a subdomain, it will look like this: (or the name you decide to give to the subdomain).

If you do not have a domain name yet, you will have to contract a domain name at the moment of placing your order.

If I come from another provider, can you help me with the migration?

Yes, leave the heavy lifting to us, we will just ask you for a few logins and our support department will move your entire virtual classroom to our servers (usually the job is done in a few hours).

What Moodle Optimizations have you done?

The servers we use in our Cloud are SSD NVMe, which guarantees excellent hardware.

Moreover, we have optimized the mysql databases.

Let’s see the technical details:

MySQL base is enhanced with MyRocks RocksDB which is a database engine (developed by Facebook) that is optimized for writing, which for example will allow the best use of Moodle chat.

OPcache maximized which improves CPU usage, (OPcache is a cache extension for PHP that accelerates its performance) and with the memory allocated we improve the speed by far.

And we use PHP-FPM (it is a PHP handler) also with a large amount of memory allocated, which on our 12-core servers can run high volumes of processes.

Finally, we only install Moodle on the servers, so that no other programs interfere with the performance.

What assures me a Super Optimized plan?

Concurrency! Because these Moodle optimized plans are ideal for educational institutions with hundreds or even thousands of concurrent students, meaning that all students need to use several Moodle features at the same time.

This way your institution is sure to take advantage of the best tools of the Moodle platform.

Do these plans include cPanel or FTP?

No, there are no additional installations on the servers for Moodle, as indicated the optimization implies that the servers are dedicated exclusively to Moodle.

In these plans we do not allow FTP access, so that no user can upload «executable files» that harm the performance of Moodle servers.

To upload files, users must do it from their own Moodle Virtual Classroom.

If for any reason you need to upload a large amount of files that are your work material, you can contact the support area for support.

Can I give Live Classes?

Moodle has modules to integrate with Google Meet, Zoom, BigBlueButton, etc. You are free to install and use these modules. We also offer the BigBlueButton service (at a separate cost).

Can I give certifications to my students?

Moodle also has external modules to give Certificates. You can choose one and install it without problems.

Can I change the Moodle Template?

Yes, there are free and paid Moodle Templates, you have the freedom to change the Moodle look and feel.

Can I integrate WordPress with Moodle?

Yes, if your website is made with WordPress you can do it using the Edwiser Bridge Bundle plugin, it even serves as a store for selling courses.

I have more than 1,000 students, can you give me a Custom Plan?

Yes, please contact us and let us know the details of your requirements so we can provide you with a customized proposal.

Do you give a discount for annual payment?

Yes, you can get a savings for your institution by paying for an annual period. We give you a one month discount. That is, you only pay the value of 11 months, but you receive 12 months of service.

Moodle Cloud A1
Cloud Hosting with the best features
Surprise your students with Moodle’s powerful tools.


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